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Another of my most favourite things! I love breathing life into the images I create, it opens so many doors. Additionally, the time-based element of animation offers the pefect opportunity to play with music in my art, which is great fun! I really enjoy playing with rhythm in the edit. I've lost days and months to this game! and will be sure to loose many more.

2012. Did it for fun really. I think you just need to watch it and you'll know exactly what I'm on about. It's only a minute long!

2012. A short presentation of the best bits from my recent animations, connecting the paintings, tunes and animations which inspired each other.

2012. The painting was inspired by a tune by Fluke - Bullet (Afrofunk remix) (the remix is important, the original is very different.) Some years later I returned to animate the painting.

Commissioned by Spanish music producer OVO. Epilogo, from the album 'de arena y sal' Released 16.10.2012.

2011. We hung out, I was inspired, this happened.